Labour Law Consulting
Unfortunately, going to the CCMA is something every employer may have to face and be prepared for. The current legislation surrounding dismissals and labour law in general can be cumbersome and complicated to navigate.

The Act requires dismissals to be substantively and procedurally correct in order to be deemed fair. A simple clean-cut dismissal can leave a bad taste when the ex-employee approaches the CCMA. The CCMA can be a daunting situation with probably outcome awards of up-to 12 months of the ex-employees’ salary


What we do

Our service includes providing the right advice from experts who have been through the process countless times.

  • We have developed templates to assist with the documentation and record keeping.
  • We provide training to our clients and their staff to make everyone aware of the rules – a detailed handout and copy of relevant legislation is provided.
  • If you are facing a CCMA hearing, we will help you prepare for it and attend it with you.


Additional services, include but not limited to:

  • Wage negotiations
  • Strikes
  • Trade Union advice and negotiation
  • Collective Bargaining and bargaining councils
  • Appearance at CCMA and other hearings
  • Full policies and procedures documentation – on your letterhead and with all your company details correctly populated.
    • These documents have been tried and tested at the CCMA
  • Email/telephonic consulting as and when needed
  • Detailed training of managers on the Labour Relations Act
  • Training session to employees on the company’s policies and procedures, disciplinary code and grievance procedure
    • Signed registers of attendance and confirmation of understanding of the above documents
  • Tracking of important dates and make sure you don’t miss an important deadline, ie
    • Performance appraisals during probationary hearing
      • Evaluation, Instruction, Training, Guidance or Counseling
    • Probationary hearing
  • Reports
    • Monthly reports of industrial action to CEO
  • Correspondence with managers to monitor labour issues
    • Weekly contact
    • Expert advice in line with the LRA
    • Provide documents outlining the charge and details of hearing
    • Provide guidance/Coaching for the hearing
  • Meetings to prepare for disciplinary hearings/probationary hearings/ CCMA cases
  • Standby during a CCMA case from our office
  • Referral to an advocate, if necessary, to represent your company at the CCMA or Labour court
  • Chairing hearings