The key responsibilities and deliverables for our Employment Equity (EE) Managed Services  includes the following:


EE Committee:

  • Ensure that the EE committee is constituted correctly.
  • Manage the EE committee – we proactively arrange the meetings.
  • Attendance – our EE consultant will sit in on all EE committee meetings and provide guidance.
  • Proof – we will keep proof of all attendance registers, agenda, and minutes from the committee meetings.


EE Reporting:

  • We will manage the data on a regular basis.
  • We will report back to the EE committee on progress.
  • Timely submission of accurate data to the Department of Labour (DoL) – Yearly EE Submissions.


EE Training:

  • Training for all relevant people on the EE Act, EE committee roles and functions.
  • We host various half day training sessions at our office or at your premises
  • EE Awareness sessions can be arranged for presentation to the entire company.


EE Record Keeping:

  • Ensure that all records are kept and stored, this is especially helpful for when the DoL wants to pay you a visit.


EE Compliance:

  • Ensure overall compliance with the EE act.


If an inspector from the DoL visits you, we will be there as well, sitting on your side of the table!


We also offer Once-Off EE assistance with the Employment Equity Submissions, please contact us to enquire further about this service.