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Employment Equity | Skills Development | B-BBEE

EconoServ is a leading management consultancy specialising in regulatory compliance on HR and BEE.

Our services aim to enhance businesses infrastructure by increasing their access to technical knowledge and save them time through implementation of complex compliance requirements.

EconoServ, founded in the early 2000’s is a management consultancy focusing on regulatory compliance administration. At EconoServ, we offer various solutions to assist clients to achieve maximum results to ease administrative burdens and ultimately help them grow.

With directors who are always thinking about tomorrow, it is no wonder EconoServ has become an innovation kingpin. We like technology, but because we think differently, we are also able to implement technology into our business in new and sometimes unusual ways.

Trust amongst our clients and staff is hard won. We work hard to gain and then maintain the trust of all stakeholders. Trust is our foundation! The trust in our knowledge is clearly evident through the many TV and Radio interviews we have had and the excellent results we regularly achieve for our clients.

People are our assets. Our massive investment in our people is essential in creating an environment conducive to achieving amazing results.

EconoServ’s Managed Service

Business management processes should be viewed as long-term as opposed to a short-term once-off event. At EconoServ, we offer various solutions to assist clients to achieve maximum results to ease administrative burdens and ultimately help them grow.

EconoServ offers business-friendly solutions for B-BBEE compliance, EE and Skills Development.

The Problem!
Compliance with legislation and the accompanying administrative burden consumes a considerable amount of time and resources. It needs a strategy, planned with commercial logic, which is then properly implemented and monitored in a way that makes complete business sense.

Choosing the appropriate strategys is a sophisticated endeavour requiring knowledge and familiarity with the minute intricacies of the legislation. The lack of expertise in many companies hampers a successful implementation. The lack of will to wade through the administrative hassles slows progress. The shortage of skilled staff capable of managing complex tasks in-house makes them seem like monstrous mountains that are never climbed.

The Solution!
EconoServ has the perfect sustainable solution. Our main aim is to ease the administrative burden and enhance strategic and technical knowledge within your organisation. Our expert consultants will guide you through a myriad of challenges smoothly and efficiently. Our systems track and manage your processes and ensure compliance. In doing this, we focus on your business as a unique entity and design our project plan around your specific requirements.

Making business sense out of compliance!

Our Managed Services Model
Most business owners are experts in their particular field and tend to dislike activities outside of their field.
While using our Managed Services you gain access to a team of trained consultants in an outsourced or semi-outsourced basis allowing you to keep costs in check and avoid either recruiting a dedicated staff member who will be underutilised or else overburdening an existing staff member who isn’t enormously excited about being allocated work where they have no expertise.

Our consultants are experts who work regularly with companies experiencing the exact same issues. Their expert knowledge and experience in the industry will assist you work through issues thoroughly.

Outsourced | Semi-outsourced | Internal
Our Managed Service has built in flexibility to suit all business needs.

  • Fully outsourced to allow businesses to fully divest their non-essential internal time.
  • Semi-outsourced to allow businesses who have some capacity internally to work effectively with our consultants. We will match consultants with strengths in only what your business requires. For example your HR department handles Employment Equity but semi-outsources Black Economic Empowerment.
  • Through managed services to build capacity internally overtime through regular knowledge transfer or through our training department by attending our frequent workshops and seminars

Managed Services Objectives

Your time is best spent on your business activities

Our consultants will manage and process all the required data (given to us by you) for your business. Once complete we will prepare reports that can be used by directors in management meetings to ensure important decisions are taken using reliable data. Where the data is not available our consultants can gather this data on your behalf. Since we know what is required, we will only gather what is needed so as to allow you to continue working on your business activities. Our consultants are experts which will ensure you never have unanswered queries. Quite simply, spend time on your business, let our consultants spend time in your business.

Fast Response

Our large team has a high capacity to ensure that the work required is handled quickly. Our project management systems keep track of what work needs to be done, thus ensuring that we are always ahead of any potential issues. Our collaborative email ticket system allows our consultants to receive and process your queries almost instantly. We are also able to keep track of the status of any queries, alerting us instantly to anomalies which our managers will intercept and solve. At the end a report is then sent through together with an analysis of the impact and quite often strategies to improve.

Business Improvement measurement and optimization

A goal in any business is to make a higher profit or gain customers or both. We assist you to gain value by showing you how to implement key requirements, providing a comprehensive strategy to manage those requirements and help you optimise effectively.

Convenience and peace of mind

Our consultants work for you. In this way, you know while you are not working on specific business issues that we are! If you have queries or need assistance our contact center will answer any or all of your queries or schedule a meeting for a detailed discussion. You can relax knowing that we are worrying about your business!


We work on your business throughout the year and not once a year just before key deadlines. Our long-term process-orientated work ensures the best results by spending small amounts of effort each month to achieve your goals. This also builds up a knowledge base of activities and allows your management sufficient time to implement strategic decisions. Our consultants take away the big bang approach and replace it with a more functional and sustainable program to ensure your current and future issues are solved.


Your money is one of our most critical key performance indicators. It is vitally important to ensure that your business is always operating at optimal cost efficiencies. We will help find the most effective and beneficial aspects to comply with or implement activities that are most critical to your business. If some spend can be recoverable, we help you recover that spend. We know how to implement activities without restructuring your business or adding any complications. We help collect data that is often missed. This enhances your business without any additional spend.

Intensive Strategic Planning

Through a consultative process, and by using past results, we will help you gain a better understanding of what can be done in the future to better your business. This process will streamline your business by providing clarity on what has to be done, by whom, when and how.

Avoid the Distraction

While you are spending time on admin you are not working on your own business. Our team is trained to handle all aspects. Your admin distraction is another day at the office for us.

Future planning

Yesterday has passed and unfortunately, we can’t change anything. Similarly, nothing will change in the future if we do not change anything. We can influence the future by planning for it and changing our current status. We focus heavily on the current period to proactively assist you in improving your future status. In so doing we are able to provide a “live as is” report on your current status. Our advice is based on real scenarios which can be implemented successfully before time runs out.

The Solution!

EconoServ offers business-friendly solutions for B-BBEE compliance, EE and Skills Development