The key responsibilities and deliverables for our managed B-BBEE services includes the following:

  • Assist with the formation of the transformation committee, that will meet on a quarterly basis, with pillar champions responsible for each B-BBEE element. This information will then be relayed to the executive team on a monthly basis or when required.
  • A gap analysis of where the client is currently at with its B-BBEE level and advisory services on how to reach the desired B-BBEE level.
  • Provide recommendations of activities that could be implemented to improve the client’s overall B-BBEE score, including the cost of the activities.
  • Provide scenario planning i.e. prepare different B-BBEE strategies tailored to the client’s needs. This is because we understand that not every business is the same and the advice given on the strategies needs to be specific to each individual client.
  • Offer full guidance and support to the client, including telephonic and e-mail support, research, and interpretive guidance on changes in legislation and implementation advice.
  • Assist the client with any submission’s to the B-BBEE commission that may or may not be required.


Enterprise and Supplier Development

  • Different strategies will be presented to the client around Enterprise and Supplier Development to maximize on points available.
  • Assist with the implementation of the chosen strategy.
  • Assist with the identification of an Enterprise Development beneficiary if you do not have any.



  • We will process the procurement data (supplier list with amount spent excluding vat) and link it to the suppliers on our software to calculate the procurement points.
  • We will send a preliminary report to show the client’s current procurement points, before calling for certificates.
  • We will then call the client’s suppliers for their B-BBEE certificates to further link and calculate the points.
  • We will identify the client’s non-compliant suppliers and provide recommendations to the procurement team.


Training will include

  • Equipping the relevant pillar champions with the necessary B-BBEE knowledge and the know-how required to properly implement B-BBEE within the client’s company.
  • Training provided will ensure staff actively become involved in identifying existing B-BBEE activities.
  • Specific training sessions for the procurement team that will assist with the selection of suppliers going forward.



  • We will provide full verification support and the preparation of all documentation needed for verification before the verification date.
  • We will provide the client with a preliminary scorecard that will help with the preparation for verification well in advance.


We keep all documents, hardware and software copies to ensure a smooth verification and provide verification support right up to the end when you receive your B-BBEE certificate


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